JNF provides general counsel for corporations representing them in all aspects of their corporate life, from the original establishment of the enterprise through all aspects of its evolution and operation.

We also have vast experience in mergers and acquisitions, bankruptcy and reorganization, debt restructuring, cross-border joint ventures, banking transactions, securities offerings, privatizations, real estate acquisitions.


We have distinguished legal advisors with extensive experience in the defense against criminal charges, except those narcotic-related crimes.

His advice includes planning litigation strategy, particularly the strategy in evidence, and appropriate follow-up trial in all courts.


JNF give advice to franchisors, franchisees and suppliers to the franchise industry in all matters affecting their business. Our franchise lawyers regularly deal with the most common challenges facing franchisors, franchisees and those looking to become franchisors or franchisees.

Our work in this matter covers: Start-up advice for franchisors, franchisee acquisition advice, franchising Code of Practice compliance, drafting Franchise Agreements, drafting intellectual property licenses, franchise structuring, leasing and licensing for franchisors, drafting Master Franchise Agreements among others.


The firm has represented several international and domestic companies in several oil transactions. We have an extensive experience and knowledge of the oil domestic and international market and regulations.

We also have vast experience negotiating and dealing with PDVSA and recently with another’s oils companies of the region.


Every time we advise our clients on the feasibility of starting a business, or help in making decisions about your business, or the handling of negotiations to obtain best results, our clients come back for more.

This happens thanks to our constant concern in fully understanding the client's business model as well as its business objectives in order to help them penetrate the Venezuelan market through recommendations based on the experience of our multidisciplinary team.


JNF has the advantage of experience in Labor & Employment law, regarding individual and collective issues, such as negotiation of collective conflicts, and collective conventions.

Additionally, we have experience and infrastructure necessary for the defense of the rights and interests of our clients before all courts including the Supreme Court.


JNF is known for its extensive practice in litigation. Our litigation team is responsible for management and monitoring of various -civil and commercial-litigations, in the courts of Venezuela, across the country.

We have our office a complex variety of legal procedures among which include cash-outs, bankruptcy and arrears, enforcement of contracts and guarantees, and litigation relating to banking matters, protection of intellectual property rights, among others.


The Firm has specialized knowledge which allows us to provide clients with legal advice on tax and estate planning and asset protection. We can advise upon the formation of all kinds of commercial entities.

We are also able to represent our clients in the defense of their rights if it be necessary to initiate or respond administrative or judicial proceedings against the tax authorities.